Friday, July 16, 2010

Reebok RunTones

On my third day in Las Vegas I headed to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets in search of the items on my shopping list. I decided to wear heels that day and after walking to find the bus stop and riding the bus for an hour, my feet were pretty tired. I decided to make my first stop at the Reebok outlet store to check out the RunTone shoes. My mom has had the EasyTone shoes for a few months and told me she has noticed a difference, so I decided to give the running version a try. I found my size in the RunTones and they were so comfortable that I decided to wear them for the remainder of my shopping trip. According to the product information I received, the shoes have "8 pods of moving air that force your muscles to work harder; encourages increased muscle activation, toning, strength and endurance" and "tone your calves, hamstrings and butt with every stride". I wanted to take them out for a run today but decided to give my body a day of a rest after returning from Vegas, so I wore them out walking my dog instead. I definitely felt a difference in my legs and butt, especially in my calves. I will be sure to post on the long term toning effects.

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