Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

I had been wanting to redo my bathroom decor for quite some time and finally got to it this weekend. Before it was boring brown, white and tan. I had planned to paint my cabinets dark brown so I decided to leave a few chocolate brown pieces and add a nice aqua blue colour to brighten things up. I added a bowl of decorative balls, a new patterned shower curtain, and a dried flower arrangement in a metallic vase, and it seems like a totally different room. I'm still not quite finished though; I'm still looking for the perfect piece of art to put on the one empty wall and I'm waiting for the hardware on the wall cabinet to come in the mail. I might also paint the walls a richer camel colour. Since the room is essentially finished I couldn't resist sharing a few before and after pictures.

Before: boring brown.

After: a splash of colour.


  1. LOVELY!!! Love these colors really made it look like an entirely different room:)

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    NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  2. Wow what a gorgeous make over! I am absolutely loving it!


  3. WOW!!!! So simple and so stunning!! Great job!!! (These were my old bedroom colors...I have a perfect tall vase for you! LOL)

  4. I LOVE it! The aqua touches really add a fun shot of color.
    xo Josie

  5. Wow!! A little bit of color goes a LONG way. looks great!

  6. YES!! I freaking lurve that color combo!! I'm going to get you a crown that has DIY bedazzled on it!!


  7. Can you come to my house and redecorate :) love the color combo and you did an amazing job overall!

  8. I love that colour combination for the bathroom! Can you come over and re-do m ine?