Friday, July 9, 2010

Online Shopping Guide Part I

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Being from a medium sized city in Western Canada that isn't exactly known for its fashion and abundance of shopping options, I do 90% of my shopping online. I like to have unique looks without running the risk of seeing someone in the exact same outfit that can be picked up at one of the few malls in the city. That being said, many American online stores are starting to recognize us Canucks north of the border and are offering affordable shipping to Canada. Over the next little while I am going to compile a list and review for some of my favourite online shopping sites that ship to Canada. Below is one of my favourites.

What can be better than hundreds of designers in the same place, helpful customer reviews, online coupon codes, great customer service and free shipping to Canada? Not much in my opinion. Revolve Clothing is my go-to website for denim, accessories, shoes and apparel. Whenever I hear about the newest denim craze, the first place I look is at Revolve because they are sure to have it. Revolve's site is easy to navigate; with options to shop by brand, category, sale items, new items and trends. Revolve is customer friendly in the way that it allows customers to create honest reviews on their products, which is very helpful for me when I'm not able to go to a physical store to try on a item. Revolve even has an outlet called Reverse where you can find their designer clothing for less. I must also mention that Revolve has incredible customer service. I have ordered from them handfuls of times and only once have I had to contact them regarding an order. An item was bagged incorrectly and I received the wrong denim leggings. I emailed Revolve with photos of the incorrect item and an explanation and they responded to me within 1/2 hour with a solution. They paid for the return shipping and I received the proper item within a week and a half. Be sure to check out Revolve for your next online shopping fix. They stock new items daily so there is always something new. Don't forget to look online for coupon codes!

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