Friday, September 3, 2010

I Want it Now! Fall Trends

After spending many hours mindlessly browsing my favourite online shops this week, I put together a collage of some of the trends I am looking forward to trying this fall. I am loving so many items from Topshop; their pieces are always right on-trend at relatively affordable prices. What are your favourite trends for fall?

Top Row:
Topshop Bugle Sequin Shell Blouse, $135.
Topshop Premium Sequin Drape Skirt, $170.
Topshop Leopard Tassel Cross Body Bag, $60.

Middle Row:
Topshop Leather Zip Shorts, $135.
Forever 21 Pleather Skirt, $19.80.
Jeffrey Campbell Mariel Wedge, $169.

Bottom Row:
Topshop 50 Denier Purple Opaque Tights, $8.
Forever 21 Solid Nylon Tights, $3.50.
Topshop Zip Square Holdall, $70.
Topshop The Knightsbridge by Marc B, $78.


  1. Great choices.....Im with you on the shorts...I love mine...I want to get a pair in the camel colored leather:)

  2. I am planning on pulling off the tights & skirt look this fall. We'll see how it turns out :)

    <3, natasha

  3. I am always ready for sequins - instantaneous sparkle!! :)

  4. wow i love that leather skirt! great fall pieces! especially tights!!

    xoxo, jaz

  5. I'm all about the animals these days, which is odd I gotta say coz I sort of have some aversion towards them in the past.

    But now, love me some cougars and leopards and all feline prints.. maybe old age? =)


  6. Gotta love that leather skirt! Amazing!
    xo tash

  7. I think I might be adding a sequin skirt to my wardrobe and possibly a structured bag too :)
    great pics!

  8. Love the pics! Now I have some things to add to my wishlist;)

  9. Can't wait for sequin mania this fall.

    Love Grace.