Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sequins and Leather

Jacket: People's Liberation (as seen here), Sequined top: Forever 21, Shorts: Joe's Jeans, Shoes: Kimchi Blue (at Urban Outfitters), Necklace: Forever 21, Bag: Candies (old).

Well I finally decided it was time to venture outside of the house for the first time in too many days. It was freezing out last night; all I wanted to do was slip on a pair of comfy jeans, but I soon discovered that even my widest legged jeans don't comfortably fit over my bandaged and swollen knee. So I decided not to be ashamed of my bandage and take the few lingering looks I garnered at the movie theatre in stride. The good news is that my knee is getting better every day and I should be bandage free in a matter of days! Thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes; each and every one makes me smile!


  1. happy you are feeling better....super cute the jacket and of course the necklace....:)

  2. Chas -I love this and I love your style. I love pink sequins/black leather feminine yet chic. this is one of my favorite looks on you. And what's up the knee and knee surgery? hope you are doing ok

  3. @ Naina:

    I hurt my knee last September playing volleyball, and the wait times here for surgery are pretty long, but I finally got it repaired last week. It's healing up pretty well and I should be back to normal in no time! Thanks for your well wishes!

  4. Chas, you are tooo adorable! Love your hair up by the way! :) Hope your knee feels better soon...

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  5. That top is so pretty! I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it feels better soon. :)


  6. Wow, I love your jacket! And I hope your knee feels better soon.

  7. That pink top is very cute and I adore your shorts:) Have a wonderful day:)

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  8. The lingering was for the - daawwwmn, she looks good! She must have injured herself playing soccer, sexy!


  9. Oh girl... I feel your pain with the knee! I recently tore my's hard to readapt your wardrobe. =(


    All this is Grace and Charm

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm totally drooling over this and your outfit is adorable! And I have to look back to see what happened to your knee! I hope that you get better real soon. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to following along and getting to know u better :)

  11. cute!!! I love leather and sequent, gave a hard edgy look a softer feminine touch :)